Algarve homes get direct police connection

Homeowners in the Algarve who want a direct, real time connection to local police stations can, as of this week, install the devices and sign up to the programme.

In an attempt to curb the growing sense of insecurity that boomed in the Algarve during 2009 and 2010, namely the violent robberies carried out on private properties belonging to foreign residents, Minister for Home Affairs Rui Pereira launched this latest phase in security.

A series of measures were announced last year, the first of which, a georeferentiation system that facilitates the automatic identification of stolen vehicles and fake license plates, has already been implemented.

This week a second step was launched; an alarm system for private residences that connects directly to the PSP and GNR police and which transmits, in real time, data regarding break-ins.

Charon, a Portuguese company specialising in security, is the first company in the Algarve to distribute the system under the Ministry of Home Affairs and regional police forces' specifications.

It is hoped that the system will afford rapid and effective intervention.

In a statement sent to The Portugal News, a Charon spokesperson said the company "already has operating its platform that connects in real time alarms from clients in the Algarve to police forces."

It was said that, by using new tools and technology platforms to support its operational activity, "Charon (with the active collaboration of the programme's partners) can increase the efficiency of the intervention and very significantly reduce the time between the alarm trigger and the arrival of security forces PSP and GNR, especially in more remote areas that may be difficult to identify."

"Charon is the first company to offer its customers in the Algarve a security system in conjunction with the Ministry of Home Affairs and regional police authorities, such as the PSP and the GNR, enabling a fast and effective intervention in case of need," said Joaquim Miranda, Director of the Commercial Business and Electronic Surveillance Unit of Charon.

The `Safe Algarve' programme was developed after a spate of violent robberies were carried out on homes across the Algarve in recent years, mainly targeting luxury properties and vehicles belonging to foreigners over the age of 50.

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