Algarve property outlook positive

The outlook for Portugal’s property market is becoming increasingly positive as analysis shows that investor sentiment is on the rise.


This is according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors who recently conducted a survey that highlighted an improvement in activity and general attitudes of investors towards property in Portugal.

Reports from industry experts of the ground have also identified the Algarve as the region best positioned for growth over the next few years. Statistics from the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica revealed that the Algarve is the best performing region of Portugal in terms of real estate with growth in prices from Q1 to Q2 of 2011.

It has been suggested that Portugal’s property price recovery which seems to be centred around the popular holiday spots is directly linked to Portugal’s very successful summer for tourism. Portuguese airports recorded their highest passenger numbers in over ten years this summer as tourism was significantly boosted.

The increased tourism levels have pushed up rental rates and therefore have aided overall property prices in places like the Algarve and Silver Coast which are both extremely popular with northern European’s especially.


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