Government grants visas to those who buy luxury homes in Portugal

The order No. 11820-A/2012 is now strengthening the granting of a residence permit to foreigners for the purpose of carrying on an investment business in the country (ARI).

Could benefit from this status, nationals of third States, holders of capital stock of a company which has its headquarters in Portugal.
To achieve this status simply that if one of the following conditions. The transfer of capital in the minimum amount of one million euros, in the case of setting up a business creating at least 30 jobs, or, and here lies the big news, the purchase of a property worth at least 500 thousand euros, provided you have full ownership of it free of charge or encumbrance, mortgage or are others.

With this measure the Portuguese state intends to revitalize the market in Portugal, mainly in the area of ​​real estate that has been completely stopped and conditioning.

With this measure the government intends precisely to attract foreign investment into the real estate market, providing facilities for residence visas to those who invest at least half a million euros in a house.
Knowing that Portugal enjoys very good image as a safe and peaceful country with the international community, the measure attempts to attract investors Angolan and Russian, but also not forgetting British, Irish, Germans and Dutch who remain the main investors in tourism real estate luxury in our country.

The study  "Portugal: The Luxury Tourist Resort Property Market 2011", prepared by the consultant and the Prime Yield Fine & Country estate, says the same thing and even drew a scenario very good for the market. This document states that safety is a good factor, in contrast to other nearby destinations and which compete with gender in Portugal. The study says for example, "The insecurity of the Maghreb countries are to benefit from developments in marketing and in the western Algarve. The Algarve and West Zone will remain as the destinations most stable with respect to the market for residential tourism in Portugal. Likewise, the Alentejo coast has become one of the regions that has attracted more attention from investors resorts, particularly in the coastal zone. Portugal holds a strong position in the market for luxury residential tourism compared to other markets that were designated 'gold mines' some years ago and who now suffered drastic reductions in the price of the properties.

Portugal is definitely a market with strong investment opportunities and excellent returns for those who have a good timing decision to invest,  now you can buy low and there are more alternatives on the market to allow for a wider choice.

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