Sell Your Property

If you have a Luxury Property to sell just let us know.

Our professional Real Estate staff can help you to sell your property! Please contact us for a professional evaluation free of charge following our large experience on the Real Estate Market, together we can advice you in finding the best and real price for your property!

We will be pleased to show you our sales strategies, the marketing tools we have in sales promotions and conditions to better find the right buyer for your property.

Besides the exceptional visibility we can give your property throught out the Web, we have a select group of potential buyers looking for good property deals to invest that maybe interested in making business with you.

To help selling your property it is very important that you have all the needed documentation for the sales process in order and up to date. It is also important to have the property clear of debts to finances or others. Debts might delay the selling process, sometimes it can take months for the conclusion of the sale.
The documents that are needed to promote the sale of your property are:

-Caderneta Predial

-Certidão de Registo na Conservatória

-Licença de Habitação (for an apartment or vila)

-Other licenses if it is a plot of land with approved Project, or being built.

Make your move now and allow us to promote and sell your property. Just send us a message  to arrange a meeting to evaluate your property and quickly put it in the market.

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