The panorama of the sale of properties has been changing all over the world and the direct sale of houses or other real estate is gaining more and more the preference of the selling owners through platforms where they can expose their properties for sale, have dominion over the whole process and, not least, save a few thousand euros. is an online platform for property sales in the Algarve, since 2012, and is part of the PeL group that since 1996 has been marking the Internet landscape in Portugal through unprecedented initiatives with some dedicated websites and portals business activities in the Algarve. Following the global trend, we now change the way of promoting the sale of real estate in the Algarve, promoting the concept of Direct Selling by the Owner.
Our aim is to provide owners who want to sell their houses or other properties a way to do so that they can dominate the entire sale process without the need for real estate agents and from where they can withdraw, in addition to other , three important advantages: flexibility, total control and significant savings.
Naturally, the advantages obtained by sellers can benefit buyers through the passing on of the savings obtained.
This is undoubtedly a form of business operation in which everyone benefits, owners sellers and buyers.

Here the selling owners will be able to publish and advertise their property for sale to a wide audience looking for properties to buy in the Algarve.

We are not a real estate agency, to make it clear right now.

We are a digital platform that only accepts ads for properties for sale in the Algarve through its own owners, makes these ads widely available on the internet and promotes direct contact between selling owners and potential buyers.
Unlike any real estate agency, we do not hold property sellers under a contract, often leonine, requiring an agency commission that in some cases already exceeds 6% + VAT, and that has to be read very carefully because in some cases the seller may be faced with an obligation to pay the commission even if the sale was not made by the agency.
No, here the owner only pays a fixed amount for the presentation and management of his ad. (See here how much it costs to advertise the sale of your property)
The value of the ad is negligible when compared to the commission of the real estate agencies and is intended to allow the maintenance of the service that we put at the disposal of the selling owners, allowing the wide exposure and dissemination of the assets that we intend to sell and putting them in direct contact with potential buyers so that they can complete the sale of their properties, saving thousands of euros in commissions.

Here the owners can advertise for sale any type of property for housing, commerce or industry or any business. Houses, Mansions, Villas, Apartments, Land Plots, Shops or Business can be advertised on for direct sale by the owners.
We do not act as an intermediary or interfere in any way with the contacts established between sellers and buyers or in the negotiations and deals that they may carry out with each other.

Our work "only" is limited to making available and maintaining the platform for a type of business that has been increasingly acquiring the preference of selling owners, namely in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, among others and also in Europe, advertise each of our clients' ads extensively on the Internet through our network sites and the most used social networks and allow our clients, too, from their ad, to advertise their property to a wider range through their own social networks.

To give you an idea of ​​how much you can save and understand why this form of direct selling of real estate has been gaining more and more enthusiasts around the world, we give you a brief example below.
Imagine you have to sell a property (house, apartment, lot, store, etc.) for € 450.000,00
Let us only compare the expenses you will have with this sale if it is made through an agency or directly by you.
If your property is sold by an agency, it will charge you 6% (some are already asking for more and they can even increase it with other expenses such as obtaining documents, disclosure, promotion, etc.).
So € 450.000,00 x 6% = € 27.000,00
You have to pay Value Added Tax on this amount - 23%
€ 27.000,00 x 23% = € 6.210,00
Total Payable if your sale is made by a real estate agent (if you are not charged more for any other service) = € 33.210,00

So from the property you were thinking of selling for € 450.000,00 you will receive € 416.790,00!

Selling your property directly through our platform, even if you choose the most expensive annual exposure for your ad, you would pay 250,00 €. You would receive € 449.750,00 for the sale, a saving of € 32.960,00!

Surely you can immediately imagine two or three more pleasant ideas for spending this money, other than commissions and taxes.

Sell Your Property without Commissions plus Taxes

Your House, Apartment or other Property can be sold directly by You allowing you to save thousands of Euros. Advertise your property here and sell it quickly without having to pay commissions plus taxes.

Advertise Here Your Property for Sale