Our property presentation software contains some peculiarities that are not usual in this type of sites and that allow each property, by itself, to be a potential target for indexing by search engines allowing you a potential visibility beyond the site where you are inserted.

In order to make our clients understand how they can best use these tools to enhance the visibility of the properties they put up for sale or rent on our website, we have prepared some notes to draw attention to the best way to take advantage of the particularities of the software they have at your disposal.

First of all, it should be clarified that the program we have implemented is based on the English language and translation modules for other languages. At the moment we have chosen to provide only the Portuguese translation but other languages ​​will follow depending on the demand expressed.
Therefore, the creation of new properties for presentation on the website is based on the principle that the main texts are written in English and the translations of these texts are inserted in a tab (Translation) that you will see in the images below.
This reminder is mainly intended for users who use the website in Portuguese, since when they see the labels of the fields to be filled in Portuguese, they may be led to write the texts in Portuguese where they should be in English.
At this stage it may seem confusing but the following images will be informative and do not be alarmed because there are few texts that you will have to write and translate, since the rest of the data is for automatic translation.

Let's see then

When you select the option Advertise Property the first image that appears to you is this:

My Algarve Property advertise your property to sell

Open in the "General Information" tab and here the relevant texts that (we repeat, must be written in English) are "Title" and "Short description".

In the next tab, "Details", the important text field to fill in (in English) is "Full description". You should write in this field as much as you can to describe your property or property in order to provide as much as possible a descriptive image of your property, its features, amenities and surroundings in order to elucidate the potential buyer as much as possible and, of course, using in that text the keywords that you consider relevant to the sale of your home.
The image is as follows

Property for sale by owner in Algarveez

This description is made in a text editor with all the editing tools you can use to make your text more appealing.

The following fields generically referred to as "Tags" are important fields for search engines and where several keywords must be written that are relevant to the announcement of the sale or lease of your property. There are sets of two fields for keywords, the first in English and the next in Portuguese, as indicated by the flag. You can write several sets and add them each time by clicking the Add button.

Now, let's introduce the texts in Portuguese.
By clicking on the "Translation" tab, the following image appears

Properties and business in Algarve for sale or rent by the owners

Here we will then write, in Portuguese, the texts that were previously inserted in English: Title, Alternative name, Address, Short description and Full description.
The use of these fields in both languages is important for the search engines to index your property for sale in each of the languages and, thus, to allow responses to searches that are made by users in both English and Portuguese.

The next tab, "Other information" is also very important for correct identification and indexing by the search engines so that your property for sale or lease is more easily found in searches made by users.
This is the image you get when you click on the "Other information" tab

Houses, apartaments, stores, plots, villas to sell by owners in Algarve

Here you should write, in English and Portuguese, selecting the respective tabs, a small text that serves as a meta description of your property for sale or rent. It is the meta data that will provide search engines, in the first analysis, with the identification of the content that must be indexed in more detail later. You should use here a text of about 160 characters with a short description of the purpose of your publication and using at least the keyword that you consider most important for your ad.

The following field, marked with the green arrow and with the title "Video of the property", is also a field that can help a lot to advertise your property with a dual purpose: Show your house or property in more detail and realism to potential buyers and boost search engine visibility.
Make a very creative video about your property and surroundings. If you don't have one yet, create a YouTube account and put your video there. Don't forget to give it a title and a good description, always with a view to using and disseminating the best keywords to describe your house or property for sale or rent, without forgetting (very important) to copy to this description text of the video the view address of your ad on our website. After the video is loaded, copy the code to embed it on other sites and paste it here in this "Video embed code" field.
Also use this code on your social networks and you will see the dissemination power that these cross links offer.

Finally, for a good presentation of your property or property for sale or rent, do not miss another opportunity to show it well, both in images and in small texts: Publish photos.
Click on the "Photos" tab and this page will open:


Real Estate Properies for Sale by Owners in Algarve

Click on the "Browse" button to choose the photos on your computer, write a short relevant description of the photo being presented, short but relevant text with a keyword, in English and Portuguese, as it is a single field and click on the " Add photos "to add them one by one. You can insert up to 22 photos.

Photos are very important! Don't ignore this potential.

Use the Full Potential of Our Program - Give Your Property Great Visibility for Sale

Our software for presenting properties for sale in the Algarve by the owners themselves is full of new components in this type of software that, being well used by those who create and manage the ads - you the owner -, allow a great indexing capacity and visibility in search engines.
These capabilities, combined with the advertiser's ability to reproduce and share his/her own ad on My-Algarve-Property.com on his/her social networks, give him/her a huge advantage through high-impact cross links.